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You will have the possibility to use the TRIAL version of Give Access software :

  • Accessibility by Give Access : a Pack with 9 specific tools to increase the general accessibility of Windows and other common applications
  • Productivity by Give Access : a Pack with 10 dedicated tools to boost your productivity in professional situations
  • Gaming by Give Access : a Pack with 10 specialized tools to transform the accessibility of video games
  • You will benefit of ALL UPDATES including new functionalities and new tools
  • You will receive the Give Access newsletter to be informed about updates and sometimes on topics like digital accessibility, empowerment, autonomy with technology, etc…

Give Access software is available to everyone and has been designed for easy and intuitive use.

Installing Give Access software is really easy :

  • You download the (all) software pack(s) that suits to your accessibility needs.
  • You launch the software installer and continue the installation process until completion.
  • You launch the software for the first time to select the language used by the software. Then, the software will close.
  • It will be necessary to relaunch the software a second time. Then enter your email address and your password. After validation, you will be able to access the various accessibility tools (modules).


Each accessibility tool (module) is already configured for the most frequent and common uses.

Give Access software provides access to a level of compensation never seen before. To achieve this degree of compensation, it is necessary to configure the tools offered more finely or to “combine” multiple modules simultaneously to create the ergonomics you need.

With this method, you will discover a new way to control your computer with a lot more settings than you have ever had before. Learning this “new way of doing things” requires adaptation, time and can be really disturbing when starting and you adaptation from scratch…

Another essential key to success with Give Access is to get into the habit of systemically using Give Access software. At first, you will find it difficult, then over time, you will gain confidence and test new things that allow you to go even further in your autonomy and accessibility !

If you want to be accompanied in this learning and / or feel that you need to go further and faster, we can help you improve your digital autonomy. We invite you to discover Our Services.

Give Access software is provided without support.

For any support request, we can help you.

You will find all our services by consulting the following page : Our Services

We work with people with disabilities regardless of the age or the situation (child, adolescent, adult, in an establishment or at home) but also with their close relatives.

We also work with professionals, in administrations, public establishments or companies.

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